Wart Off Freeze Spray 38mL


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Wart-Off Freeze freezes warts! The wart is frozen to the core in just 10 seconds. After 10 to 14 days the wart may fall off and new healthy skin will be visible.

Wart-Off Freeze ensures that warts are removed through the process of freezing. By placing the device on the skin over the wart, the wart is completely enclosed. When the aerosol can is activated, the cryogenic liquid freezes the wart in 10-15 seconds. Directions

Position the wart upwards, so that the opening of the applicator (directed downwards) can be placed around the edges of the wart. Make sure that the edges of the opening fit closely to the skin.

To release the cryoliquid, press the dispenser firmly with the thumb 3 times in a row.

Keep the applicator on the wart for at least 10-15 seconds. Take the applicator off the wart. After this a slight pain sensation or tingling may be experienced. Ingredients

Dimethylether (DME) Warnings

Indicated for use on adults and children over 4 years. For external use only. Before use, carefully read the enclosed information leaflet. Pressurized container. See the precautions on the container and the enclosed information leaflet.