Nicotinell 2mg Mint Chewing Gum Regular Strength 144 Pieces


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Nicotinell gum is a crispy coated, soft chewing gum with an unexpectedly bold taste in mint or fruit flavours. As you chew it, it releases nicotine to help ease your physical cravings and helps reduce your desire to smoke. Chewing also gives your mouth something to do, instead of smoking a cigarette. Nicotinell gum is quick, easy and affordable, and comes in 2mg and 4mg strengths.

Chew and park

To get maximum effectiveness from Nicotinell gum it's critical you follow a 'chew and park' method for at least 30 minutes. How To Use Nicotinell Gum

Chew Slowly until the taste becomes strong

Park' the gum between your gum and cheek to absorb the nicotine

When the taste had faded, repeat the process for up to 30 minutes 3 MONTH PROGRAM

If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day we recommend using the 4mg gum. If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day try the 2mg gum. We suggest you keep using the gum for 3 months. At the end of the 3 month program, reduce the amount of gum you use each day until it's phased out all together.

Lighter smokers