Hylo Forte 2mg Eye Drops 10mL


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HYLOョ-FORTE is preservative and phosphate-free lubricating eye drops for dry eyes in a revolutionary COMODョ device.

Preservative Free
Phosphate Free ? avoids corneal calcification
Delivers at least 300 sterile drops through the unique COMODョ multi-dose application system
6 month use-up period after opening.
Compatible with all contact lenses.

10mL (sodium hyaluronate 2mg/mL)

  • Hylo-Forte eye drops is preservative and phosphate-free. Hylo-Forte eye drops is compatible with all types of contact lenses. Hylo-Forte eye drops is used for severe or chronic dry eye or for use after surgery. Hylo-Forte is preservative-free eye drops that uses advanced new treatments for dry eyes in a revolutionary new continuous monodose device. Other Benefits:   • High viscosity for long-lasting lubrication without impairment of vision  • Sterile delivery through