Giovene Specialised Scar Formula 15g Gel


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Soften, flatten & lighten scars.

Advanced formula with CPX Technology & Vitamin C ester
Helps to reduce the visible appearance of scars
Non-greasy & oil free
Dries quickly
Clinically proven

15g Gel

  • Giovene Specialised Scar Gel is a clinically proven to softens, flattens and lightened scars. Giovene Specialised Scar Gel also help reduce the appearance of the scar. Other Benefits: - Provides a protective layer too keep the skin hydrated - Helps reduce excessive collagen formation - Prevent excessive scarring - Non-greasy - Oil Free - Dry quickly- Water resistant - Suitable for use on scars that result from surgery or accidents (such as cuts, burns, scratches and abrasions) - Can be use on