Eurax Crm 20G


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Around the home. At the beach. In the bush.
Eurax works to relieve itching from chicken pox, measles, hives and other allergies, prickly heat and insect bites.
It also works to treat scabies (discuss treatment with your doctor or pharmacist). Acts as an antiseptic. Anti-parasitic.
20g Cream

  • Eurax Cream 20G Eurax Cream is for the fast relief of itching & skin irritation caused by itchy dermatitis, dry eczema, allergic rashes, hives, nettle rashes, chickenpox, insect bites & stings, heat rashes, sunburn and personal itching. Other Benefits:-Eurax works to relieve itching from bites, stings, hives and prickly heat.-Acts as an antiseptic. -Anti-parasitic.-Lasts 6-10 hours.-Does not discolour clothing. Ingredients: Propylene Glycol which may cause skin irritation and Cetostearyl