DERMAL THERAPY Blistop™ 32.5 mL


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Dermal Therapy Blistop™ is a blister prevention spray that creates an invisible layer of film to protect the skin.

Product info

Dermal Therapy Blistop is a blister prevention spray that creates an invisible layer of film to protect the skin on feet and hands where blisters can occur from friction. Convenient and easy to use, Dermal Therapy Blistop stays in place and won't rub off easily or leave residue on your socks and shoes. It acts like a second skin and is totally transparent so you are able to wear the shoes of your choice and feel confident and pain free all day long.

• Protects feet (or any other areas prone to friction) from blisters

• Water resistant

• Micro aerated to allow skin to breathe

• Up to 50 applications in one can

• Instant protection against blisters

How to use?

Dermal Therapy Blistop is extremely useful preventing blisters in situations such as:

• Wearing shoes that cause discomfort, such as tight boots or high heels

• When breaking in new shoes

• Running, cycling or dancing

• During sports such as golf, tennis or hockey

• When using gardening tools

• Any situations where friction on the hands and feet might occur and cause discomfort

Blistop is an easy to apply spray-on applicator and has approximately 50 applications inside.

Shake well before use. Apply onto clean, dry skin. Spray at a distance of 5 – 10cm from the skin using short bursts. When the area is covered, leave the skin to dry before putting on shoes or socks.


Dimethylether, ethyl acetate, pentaine, acrylic co-polymer


Contains pressurised content. Keep out of reach of direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures greater than 50 degrees. Do not puncture or incinerate, even after use. Do not spray onto flames or incandescent bodies. Store and use away from flames or sources of ignition. Do not smoke when using this product. Dispense with short bursts only. Do not spray into eyes. Do not inhale. Keep out of reach of children. In case of irritation, stop use. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor immediately. Do not use on open wounds or existing blisters. Use in well-ventilated areas only. Store between 10-30 degrees in a dry place.

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