Crampeze FORTE Night Cramps Cap X 60


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With Homoeopathic Copper traditionally used for relieving muscular cramps & spasms
Contains Magnesium for proper muscle function
With the added benefits of Vitamin E, Vitamin D & Vitamin B Complex to aid in general wellbeing

60 Tablets

  • Crampeze Night Cramps Forte Tablets provide relief from muscle cramps, tired legs & spasms. Crampeze Night Cramps Forte contain homeopathic copper and vitamins to maintain general health. Benefits of Crampeze Night Cramps Forte: - Eases muscle cramps and cramp-like pain - Alleviates symptoms of tired legs, restlessness and spasms while sleeping - Helps to relieve night cramps Directions: Take 1 tablet twice daily with water. Ingredients: Each tablet contains – Rutin