Carbon Theory | Charcoal, Tea Tree Oil & Mineral Mud Breakout Control Face Mask | Natural, Vegan And Cruelty Free | 50ml


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  • Activated Charcoal - Our 50ml U.K lab formulated Breakout Control Facial Wet Mask delivers an intensive skin repair and breakout treatment. Each particle is naturally charged helping it to attract more dirt and excess oil.
  • Unblocks Pores - The holes in each particle of charcoal act as a super-absorbent sponge to draw out deep bacteria, toxins and excess oil. With Smaller particles and lots of them meaning a bigger active surface area, creating the ultimate cleansing soap.
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil - A natural antiseptic derived from leaves of the Melaleuca tree which reduces inflammation and clears breakouts, with purifying qualities to cleanse your skin and kill bacteria whilst reducing pores.
  • Mineral Mud - Super rich in nutrients, magensium and melon extract to help restore pH balance, improve elasticity and replenish skin. With an antimicrobial effect on the bacteria that cause breakouts for clear and blemish free skin
  • Carbon Theory - are vegan and cruelty free, specialised in combining powerful natural ingredients to transform oily and blemish-prone skin. Keeping your skin looking balanced, clear and hydrated.