Bronchodual Cough 20 Pastilles


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Bronchodual is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve any type of cough*. If you don?t really know what type of cough you have, or if your cough changes from one to another, Bronchodual takes the hassle out of choosing a solution. Bronchodual contain a combination of ingredients not commonly found in other cough products used to relieve any cough: dry, tickly, chesty, mucous or phlegm.
20 Pastilles

  • RELIEVES COUGH: Bronchodual Cough Pastilles contains Marshmallow root which is used traditionally in Western herbal medicine to provide relief of both dry and mild chesty coughs.
  • LOOSENS MUCUS: Bronchodual also contains Thyme Herb which helps to relieve mild chesty coughs by loosening respiratory tract mucous.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Adults and children over 12 years should take 1-2 cough pastilles every 3-4 hours for about 4-6 times a day, with a maximum daily dose of 12 pastilles. For children from 4 to 12 years, take 1 pastille every 3-4 hours, 4-6 times a day, with a maximum daily dose of 6 pastilles.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: It is not advisable for use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, do not give it to children under 4 years without medical advice. The product contains: - saccharin sodium and sugar alcohols - sorbitol and maltitol which may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhea.