Bioglan Active Magnesium, 1000 - 150 Tablets


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The need for extra magnesium can be due to dietary and lifestyle choices, exercise, prolonged stress or poor absorption. Poor diets that are often high in refined and processed food, excessive coffee, alcohol and soft drinks, as well as chronic stress can all rob the body of magnesium. Super Strength Bio Active Magnesium combines the power of 4 different forms of Magnesium  for a wider range of absorption and providing superior bio-availability.  Combined, these four forms of Magnesium deliver an extra strength, high bio-available dose of 325 mg of elemental magnesium in each tablet. Bioglan's Super Strength Bio Active Magnesium may assist: Relief of muscular aches and cramps, twitches and some tremors, Maintain normal healthy blood pressure and healthy heart function, The symptoms of stress including anxiety and irritability, PMS symptoms and menstrual pain Healthy blood sugar metabolism, Energy production in every cell in the body, Healthy nerve function, Bone strength and formation, Prevent the formation of some kidney stones, Temporary relief and may reduce duration of some headaches and migraine, Support restful sleep.

  • Muscle Health
  • Reduce Cramps
  • Muscle Recovery