Home Delivery


Prescription medication delivery service

Priceline Pharmacies offer delivery from your local store to your door. Each delivery service is managed by your local Priceline Pharmacy.

  • Delivery available directly from your local Priceline Pharmacy
  • Order via phone, email, fax or Priceline Pharmacy app
  • Managed by your local Priceline Pharmacy

Contact us 

Phone: 03 9525 5111

Email: info@pricelineaclandcourt.com

Contact us to order home delivery of prescriptions and more to your door. 

Use Our Priceline App 

Step 1. Serach the FREE 'Priceline' app with Apple Store or Google Play 

Step 2. Activate your account with a personal verification code by calling, messaging, emailing or visiting us

Step 3. Use the Snap and Send feature to send your sctips to us 

Step 4. Pay for your order viat the app and have them delivered to your door 


What is Home Delivery?

Home Delivery allows you to order via the Priceline Pharmacy app or to place an order over the phone with your local Priceline Pharmacy. Medication will be delivered to your nominated address, within a timeframe that suits you!

Where is Home Delivery available?

Home Delivery is available at selected Priceline pharmacies. Please contact your local Priceline Pharmacy to see if they offer this service.

How much does delivery cost?

From $9.95. Eligible customers receive 1 free delivery per month. Please contact your local Priceline Pharmacy.

How do I order a repeat script to be collected?

There are a number of ways to get your prescriptions delivered. The easiest way is via the Priceline Pharmacy app – you can order scripts you’ve left on file at the pharmacy or upload new scripts using the snap and send function. Alternatively, you can contact your local Priceline Pharmacy to organise delivery of your medication.

Can you deliver any products that require refrigeration?

The majority of our Priceline Pharmacies offering home delivery can offer this service. However please check with your local Priceline Pharmacy to make sure they can deliver your refrigerated medication.

How will my products be delivered?

Products will be delivered via postage or in-person to the address your specify when you order.

Can I order pick up in-store instead of Home Delivery?

You’re welcome to order your products via phone, email, fax, or the Priceline Pharmacy App, and then visit your local Priceline Pharmacy for free pick-up. Pharmacies can also offer minimal contact pick-up, giving your products to you quickly without leaving your car. Please contact your Priceline Pharmacy.

Is Home Delivery available during COVID-19?

Home Delivery is still available. You may order your products and your local Priceline Pharmacy will deliver to your door, or you may also arrange to pick-up in-store with minimal contact. Please contact your local Priceline Pharmacy.

What other products are available to get delivered to my home?

Please contact your local Priceline Pharmacy as some participating stores may accept non-prescription items to be delivered to your nominated address.

What if I have any questions regarding my medication?

Your Priceline Pharmacist is always available to discuss your medication. Please give your friendly Pharmacist a call to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your medication.