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Frequently Asked Questions about Webster-pak

What are the benefits of Webster-pak?

Webster-pak makes taking medication safer. Your weekly medication is set out for you. It’s a visible reminder making it easy to keep track of your medicine. It has a low vision option if you have trouble with your eyesight. And it’s sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix-ups.

Will I still need to see my doctor?

Webster-pak is designed to ensure you take the medication your doctor prescribes correctly. Visiting your doctor regularly allows them to review your medications and make decisions as appropriate based on your medical needs.

What if I go to the hospital?

Webster-pak shows the medications you are taking, which can be critical in an emergency.

What if I need a new prescription?

Please speak to your doctor about repeat prescriptions, as the doctor must supply them before your medicine runs out. Otherwise, we cannot legally provide it.

We can send a reminder for a new prescription to you or your doctor when the last repeat has been dispensed to ensure there is plenty of notice before your prescriptions run out.

What do I do if I don’t want to take a particular medication or the doctor has told me not to take one for one or two doses?

Always check with your doctor to make sure it’s alright not to take a particular medication from time to time. A description of each medication is on the back of the pack to help you know which medication is which. You must be aware as much as possible about your medications, including how to identify them. Ask one of our pharmacists, and we can help with this.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

Contact the pharmacy or your doctor, and we will adivse you. You would most likely continue with the next dose, but this needs to be discussed.

Are there any special storage requirements for the Webster-pak?

All medicines should be stored safely away from children and not exposed to high temperatures or sunlight. We will advise of any special storage needs.

What if I am going away or going out for the day. Can I take the Webster-pak with me?


What if I am going on holiday for a few weeks?

You can ask for a disposable Webster-pak, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the folders together and bringing them into the pharmacy on your return.

How easy is Webster-pak to open?

Select the right time and day, then push the pills through the foil backing into a cup. There is also a simple device called the Pil-Bob that helps to break the foil from the back allowing the medicines to fall into it, making it easier if you have arthritis or your eyesight isn’t so good.

Most people have a weekly pack. What if I need something different?

Not everyone needs medications four times a day, every day. Your Webster-pak can be prepared to meet your needs, so if you only have medications two times a day, your pharmacist might suggest a two-weekly pack. The pharmacist can label your pack to identify your specific dosage times, so it should always be as straightforward as possible.

Can more than one pack be supplied at a time?

Usually, each folder holds one week’s supply, but we can prepare as many packs as required.

What about safety?

There are descriptions on the back to help with the identification of medications. Ensuring you keep your Webster-pak and patient profile together is a great reference point in an emergency.